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Talmud Torah parents and community members have been amazing partners in supporting our students’ education. From parents who volunteer in the classroom for Hands On Science or Teacher’s Pet programs or drive and chaperone field trips or help organize book fairs, to community members and parents who provide language support (Hebrew and English), to local rabbis who offer lunchtime Mishna Club programs, our students benefit from the many volunteers who offer their time and talents to our school.

If you can spare even a half hour a week, or a day once a month - let us know what your interests are. We value any contribution you are able to make! Volunteering in our school is one way for parents to show their children that they value their education.

In accordance with Administrative Regulation, GBCE.AR, Volunteers – Registration and Records Checks, , all volunteers in division schools shall submit to the principal, each school year, a division Volunteer Registration form.  In addition, the following are required to submit an application for a police records check:

  • volunteer coaches;
  • volunteer chaperones of overnight field trips; and
  • volunteer drivers who, at the request of the school, transport students.  

All volunteers must complete the division volunteer form prior to working within the school or supervising a field trip.