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Talmud Torah has a commitment to Kashrut. Therefore, students and staff do not bring meat to school for lunch or snacks. 



The children are encouraged to bring snacks for recess.  Please help support our school policy and keep our playground litter free by choosing appropriate snacks.  Snacks should be:

a)  kosher (in keeping with our school and lunchtime policy)

b)  healthy (no chips, gum, candy, pop, etc.)

c)  environmentally friendly (recycled containers or juice bottles, no aluminum wrappers, etc.).



Prayers are usually sung daily in the Hebrew elementary classes.  After eating their lunches, the students also sing the Grace After Meals.  All prayers are expected to be recited in a respectful manner.



Our school is a secured site. All outside doors are locked. All visitors must enter through the front door for entry and report to the office.