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Welcome to Talmud Torah School! We are a dynamic, unique, inclusive, Kindergarten through Grade 9 school with a single track integrated Hebrew Bilingual and Judaic Studies program. We are proud of the partnership between the Talmud Torah Society and Edmonton Public Schools which was established in 1975 and made Talmud Torah School the only Jewish Day School in North America that is part of a public school system. In our integrated curriculum of both general/secular and Judaic studies, we challenge our students to reason, to question and to analyze, as well as provide opportunities for independent thinking and creative expression. We embrace the Edmonton Public School Board core values of accountability, collaboration, integrity and equity as well as the core values of Jewish living: 
  • kavod (respect and honor)  
  • tzedakah (righteous justice)
  • shalom (peace/completeness)
  • tikkun olam (repairing the world)
  • gemilut hassadim (acts of loving-kindness/good deeds)
  • klal Yisrael (our interconnectedness with the entire Jewish nation)

Principal's Message

I am proud to be the principal of a unique and vibrant learning community that has a long tradition of excellence and incredible support from parents and the wider Jewish community. We set high expectations for our students in academics, service, self-reflection and citizenship and we support them as they strive to meet those expectations. We work hard to help our students make connections between and among the various curricular areas as well as to their own lives and the world around them. I am especially proud of the permeation of Jewish traditions and values into all aspects of school life which supports the learning in the classroom and enhances our students’ sense of Jewish identity.

 Judith Boyle, Principal